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How To Make Your Own Jewelry Organizer!!

Here are the steps to create this DIY Jewelry Wall Gallery:

Materials needed:

  • - Craft foam boards in any shape and size.

  • -Fabric to cover each board

  • -T- Pins

  • -Hot glue gun

  • -Nails to hang up the boards (Longer and skinnier nails work best)

Step 1- cut the fabric to fit over the foam boards with about 1/2-1 inch overlap for gluing to the back of the foam.

Step 2- Using the hot glue gun- glue the fabric down on the back of the board

Step 3- Arrange the boards into the configuration you want to display and hang up using the nails.

Step 4- Hang your jewelry on the boards using the T- pins.

Step 5- Enjoy your functional artwork :-)

Would love to see your creations if you try this project please post in the comments your pictures.

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