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Tips to Help Bring Some Luxe to Your Home

Do you LOVE scrolling Pinterest & watching HGTV too? Do you dream of having one of the designers come in and work a bit of magic on your space? If so than keep reading I am sharing some EASY ideas that you can do with minimal effort to create your own HGTV inspired home.

Window Treatments

Hang them high and wide.... Show off those windows and don't hide them behind a window treatment!

Checkout the before and after below of my patio curtains.

How to Hang Your Curtains for Maximum WOW

  • Hardware should be 8-10 inches past the window frame.

  • Mount Hardware at the ceiling or 10" above trim.

  • Curtain Panel Width equals 2 times the width of window

  • Length of curtains should touch or hang 1 inch off floor.

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Coffee Table Re-Vamp

Coffee Tables and Ottomans are heavily used pieces of furniture in many homes but, can tend to become a drop zone. Add some luxe and function to make your living area cozy and glam. Function 1st- What do you plan to keep on your table? Make a list - coasters, remotes, books, etc. Now let's make it pretty!!!! Easy ways to contain "stuff" a trays and decorative boxes. This will create a look of a collection not just clutter laying on your table. Check out my living room and family room photos below.

How To Decorate Your Table/Ottoman:

  • Place odd #'s together 1, 3, 5, 7 this will look better visually

  • Height of tallest item- make sure that it isn't to high - you don't want to block a TV or have to play hide and seek when visiting with someone across the room.

  • Triangle method- Check out example below

Picture credit

A couple ideas of how to style from my home.

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