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Coat Closet/Mud Room Organization

Now is the perfect time to get the coat closet/mud room organized. How To:

  1. Grab 3 boxes/bags to use for donations, trash, and 1 for items that need to go to a different space.

  2. Take everything out and sort into piles of like things.

  3. Edit the piles (Does it fit, is it in season, is it damaged?)

  4. Measure and decide on types of storage needed

  5. Put it all back.

Tips and Ideas.

  • Utilize the backside of doors for extra storage.

  • Wall hooks work great for purses, backpacks, and scarfs

  • Command strips to keep any cleaning tools hung and off the floor.

  • Consider a bench with shoe storage (dual function)

Storage bench available at Target

Organizing system available at the container store

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