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Why I Started My Organizing Business!!

Today I am sharing my story on how my business got its start. Basically ever since I was a child I have had an entrepreneurial spirit and would play that I was the owner of a business and my sisters and my parents were my clients and sometimes my employees LOL (typical 1st born). In my childhood I "owned" many different types of businesses; Fashion Designer, Beauty Salon, Stores, and Restaurants to name a few. I was definitely influenced by my parents who are and were self employed all throughout my childhood, my dad is a Farmer/Rancher and when I was a child my mom owned a Real Estate company. They modeled hard work, perseverance, resiliency, and what is possible.

When I graduated High School I chose to go to school for Sales and Management and being young and a dreamer wasn't really sure what path to take (so many options to choose from) After exploring a couple of paths, Long Term Care Insurance Agent (makes me laugh now being 21 and selling a product to seniors and I was practically a baby). Tried a few other jobs along the way until I ended up at Macy's which was Dayton's at the time. My 1st role with Macy's was a Counter Manager at Lancôme for 12 years and was promoted to an Account Coordinator for Estee Lauder

which I did for 7 and a 1/2 years. My last role at Macy's I did for just over a year as a Regional Beauty Project Manager. I had a gut feeling in November of 2019 that Macy's was going to restructure and that more than likely my position would be one of those affected, so I went on a journey to find out what is my next thing!!!

I remember sitting at the airport in ST. Louis on my way home realizing that I needed to take action so, while sitting there I started updating my LinkedIn profile and reviewing my resume.

Once back in Minneapolis I spent the next 6 weeks really thinking about my talents, interests, and what drives me. What I learned is that helping people, inspiring people, and teaching people is my true calling and gift. I knew that my next career had to allow me to do those things. People who know me will tell you that I am super organized and an expert at time management. I am blessed to naturally have those abilities and developed them throughout my life because of the sense of peace, calm, and control they gave me even during uncertain seasons of life. I guess you can say instead of eating a pint of ice cream or drinking a bottle of wine I found organizing therapeutic. During this time period I was feeling anxiety from the stress of possibly losing my job and it occurred to me that I was organizing and cleaning to work through it. The emotion and feelings you get from a well organized, orderly, and clean space are wonderful!!! Realizing that I want to be able to help others get the same sense of order, calm, and next career was born!!

Stay tuned for next week when I share my story on the actual "starting" of my business!!

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