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Starting a Business During a Pandemic...

In mid February I created my list of goals for the month of March as I was going to officially launch my business March 2nd. I had great momentum and was so excited to get going! During my 1st week I already had booked 15 hours with clients and was so optimistic.

By mid month as you all know Covid-19 concerns and social distancing practices started to be our new reality. Working in homes with clients was not a possibility for the foreseeable future and I already needed to pivot my business. Being the resourceful and creative person that I am I got online and figured out how I can still keep going during this crazy season. I had always planned on adding Virtual Organizing to my services but, now became the perfect time. How have you had to pivot in your business?

It is crazy when I think about all of my friends and family and how this season has impacted everyone and changed so many things. I truly believe we can choose to look at life in two ways things are happening to us or for us. During this time I have made the conscious decision to control what I can and to come out the other side a better, smarter, and a more grateful person! This is not always easy and can be downright annoying at times but, necessary to survive.

How I have taken control of a hard time.

1. Gratitude practice every morning I write down 5 things that I am grateful for. These are small things like sitting on the deck on a sunny day or playing a game with my kids.

2.Exercise daily! I have been going on 1-2 walks a day and the fresh air and vitamin D make all the difference to my mood and choices that I make. ( my dogs are like 1 walk is sufficient...)

3.Prayer, every night before bed praying and leaning into God.

4.Be in community with other Professional Organizers and Business Owners and share and gain wisdom from each other.

5.Keep learning- Using this time to develop skills and gain knowledge. Taking online courses, reading business books, learning more about technology, and pushing myself to try new things.

My hope for you as you are reading this is, you will be inspired to keep going and look at how you can use this season to your advantage and keep dreaming and working towards those dreams! Please share your how you are using this time to your advantage!!

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