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Organize Your Closet for Fall


P.S. or for us adults that want to treat ourselves to some fall updates :-)

Back to school shopping will be a breeze if you have a plan and have taken inventory.

How to Organize Closets and Dressers

STEP #1- Take EVERYTHING out of the closet and sort into piles of like items. (I know it is tempting to sort and decide as you go but I promise you will be happier in the end if you remove it all.)

STEP #2- Go through each pile and decide if it fits and if you want to keep it. If it doesn't fit but is in good condition donate if it isn't in good condition toss.

STEP #3- Take inventory of what you have left and create a shopping list.

STEP #4-Map out with paper and a pencil how you want to organize the closet and decide on types of storage.

** Tips

  • Utilize the back of doors to maximize storage.

  • Drawer dividers in dressers to keep piles contained.

  • Store seasonal clothing on top shelves of closet

  • Make hanging a breeze by putting a step stool in the closet for smaller children to hang their own clothes.

  • Invest in velvet hangers to keep clothes from slipping.

Check out The Container Store for great systems and organizing products.

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