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Leap of Faith into Entreprenuership

Let me just say this journey has made me feel all the feelings.... I have learned so much, grown, and pushed myself to try new things.

What I have learned:

**All the steps to starting a business, once you start digging in it can be really intimidating. I am so thankful for books on starting a business, friends and family who own their own businesses for guidance, and the MN Secretary of State site. If you know me you know how much I love a list to cross off and of course I had one of those as I was doing all of the tax, registering, and set up of my business.

** Being consistent and putting in the effort will pay off if not now sometime. Some days during this journey I have felt like everything is on the up swing and then there will be days when I question myself. After listening to business podcasts I realized that this is normal and to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going.

How I have Grown:

** Confidence- I have learned to believe in myself and stop listening to others opinions on my business. Years ago if I started a business I probably would have let others opinions talk me out of trying. I finally now know and believe that my expertise and services will and do make a difference in other peoples lives. If I am true to myself and living my purpose I am going to keep on this journey!!

New Things I have Tried/Done:

**Joined a professional BNI Master Networks - I remember my 1st meeting and standing up and talking about my business in front of all of these professionals and getting butterflies. I did it anyway!!!

**Started this blog- never thought I would have a blog or enjoy writing. Actually I king of like writing I decided.

**Designed a website all by myself.

I am sure if I sit here a bit longer the list would be much bigger because, I am learning everyday!! My hope is that if you have a dream that you will pursue it and not let someone else's opinions stop you.

Stay Tuned for Next Week I will be posting about my 1st month in business. (Let me just say it is a rollercoaster)

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