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Ideas- To Turn Your Deck Into an Extension of Your Home

One of my favorite things is sitting outside on my deck on a beautiful day and or evening. Whether I am reading a book, listening to music, visiting, or just hanging out and doing nothing I love it all!!

A big reason I like being out there is because of how it looks and feels. Below I am sharing tips that you can do to transform your deck or patio into an outside room.

3 Steps to Create a Living Space:

1st- Decide what you want to do in the space? (Meals, lounge, fires, etc.) Do you have space to create multiple seating areas or just?

2nd- Make a list of all the elements and accessories that you will need to do the activities in this area

3rd- Once you have decided on the activities that will happen now you can place/buy your furniture for the areas. (Make sure to measure your space when purchasing furniture so that it will fit your space)

How to Make it Feel Like a Room:

  • Comfy Seating

  • Outdoor rugs

  • Pillows and blankets

  • Candles and lanterns

  • Flowers and plants

  • String lights

  • Pergola/Umbrella for shade

  • Hang art and décor on the house (just like a wall in your home)

  • Decorate your side tables and coffee tables like you would in your home.

  • Outdoor table wear and décor for dining



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