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Have You Heard The Term Virtual Organizing????

I feel it is important to share a service that is gaining popularity and is the perfect way to get your home professionally organized while social distancing!!

Virtual Organizing is great if you are a DIY'er, and need someone to give you a plan and direction, while coaching you through the organizing process. Imagine facetime/skyping with your organizing coach and going through the process together!!

Benefits to the client for utilizing Virtual Organizing:

**Typically rates are less expensive.

**You don't have to have anyone come into your home.

**Shorter sessions and typically more flexible if you have a busy schedule.

**You can get the benefits of a Pro no matter where you live.

How do you know if you are a good candidate?

**Tight budget

**Tight schedule

**Live far away from an Organizer

**You are socially distancing...….

What is the Process?

1.) Schedule a Free 30 minute assessment call (typically Facetime/Skype to be able to see the area of the project) During this time goals will be established.

2.) Each session you will have goals to accomplish together while Facetiming/Skyping.(Sessions are usually 30-60 minutes)

3.) You will get a personal custom action plan.

4.) Provide you with expert advice and accountability.

5.) In between sessions you will commit to homework to be completed by the next session.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions about this service please reach out!!!


30 Minute assessment FREE

Hourly- $35

3 Hour Package- $95

6 Hour Package $178

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