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Do you ever feel like your household would fall apart if it wasn't for you????

I know that I have felt that way for sure. Last week I saw a post on Facebook about quarantine learnings and the post said that she learned that she was the only one running the dishwasher in her home, and there were a lot of comments saying that it was true in their house as well. (Mine too)

Now is the time to put your home through a Household Boot Camp before life starts moving at 100 mph again. I don't know about you but, I have learned that I love more calm and order during this season that we are going through and I don't want to have it all slip away when we get back to the new normal.

Since I have had a little more free time I have been investing in my education and recently completed a Household Boot Camp course through NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing) Today I want to share with you some tidbits that may help you and your family!!!

Tips for a smoother running household:

Have a family meeting- great opportunity to discuss chores, meal planning, schedules, and misc. issues that someone may have and come up with solutions.

Create a command center- A centralized area that has all the household schedules, info, mail, shopping lists, etc.

Automate your life- what can you put into a reminder system so that you won't miss out on important things? Utilize calendars and digital tools to set reminders for you and your family.

If you answer yes to any of these questions reach out for a

complimentary consultation! I would love to spend some time

helping you and your family!

1. Wishing you had more quality time together as a family?

2.Do you organize only after you reach a breaking point in your home?

3.Do you feel constantly behind the ball?

4.Do you forget things?

5.Is meal time/bedtime/chore time stressful?

6.Do you feel like you are never caught up?

7.Can you quickly could you grab a party invite, report card, specific piece of mail?

8. Once you organize an area of your home does it stay that way?

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