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Are You Road Tripping This Summer?

No more messy cars ;-)

Where to put what when you are road tripping...

Front -

  • Sunglasses

  • Navigation, maps, itinerary

  • Chargers, cords, technology.

  • Trash bags under passenger seat

  • 1st Aid kit in console or under seat

Back Seat-

  • Small cooler with drinks

  • Treat/snack bag

  • Kids activity bag, blanket, pillows

  • Small towels in seat pockets for messes


  • Tools and supplies for car maintenance

  • Extra food and coolers

  • Luggage (keep bags that you need to get into 1st or during drive easy to access.

How to Organize a Cooler:

  • Make or use ice blocks vs. cubes- (cubes melt quicker)

  • Pre-chill your food and drinks to keep the ice blocks cooler longer.

  • Remove excess packaging that takes up space.

  • Label your containers so that you don't have to open each one looking for certain foods.

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